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Flaming Dessert

Hot caramel poured over ice cream and brownie at the Manhattan Fish Market!


With the warm week we had, homemade ice cream would have been a treat. I found this photo, as I was looking through my files. Then I realized it was taken with my camera, but my son was the photographer!  He loves to borrow my Canon 7D camera with the 50mm 1.4 lens!

This is probably the 3rd season that locally grown strawberries are available here in Bangladesh. Tk 200/kg (U.S. $1.16/ lb).

My wife did a superb job of putting together this wonderful dessert, which was all we had for our evening meal!Strawberry Shortcake

My friend Rasel invited me to his sister’s house for a nice meal of jumbo shrimp, curried veggies, beef, chicken and pangash mach (fish), and other veggies, and rice.  The meal was topped with this dessert and then followed by some good Bengali cha (tea).  Thanks Rasel!