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Preparing for Spring

Today I took our lawn mower to the local sharpener, so it would be sharpened and ready for the Spring season!

Not a pocket-size camera!

I couldn’t resist taking a photo of this camera at a local grocery store!

Fall Plowing

Plowing with Horses

The days work is done, giving the horses and the farmer rest.


Finished Product

Original Trunk

Taped with Frog Tape, so I could spray the trunk, leaving the bands unpainted, so I could later paint those.

The taping and trimming with brown tasks were time-consuming, but we loved the end result. It will sit in a spare bedroom, so guests can set their suitcases on it. Thus the old will meet the new!

Vintage Hay Fork

How many of you remember using the hay fork in the center of the photo? On the farm in Iowa, where I grew up, we used that kind of fork to lift up eight small hay bales into the hay mow at one time!

Antique Lures




We had a nice self-guided tour of a oil well jerkerline powerhouse.

Oil Well Jerkerlines