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Old Plates

Ready for guests. These plates, my wife got from her mother!

Antique Lures

Vintage Hay Mower


Vintage Seeder

Old Farm Equipment



The trolley is probably as old as I am! 🙂

Clockmakers, or Not?





Rich and Elma with their 1957 Chevy Bel Air

Charles let me take this car for a drive!

Charles let me take this car for a drive!


Day 281

ANTIQUE COINS FOR SALE NEAR NEW MARKET, KOLKATA, INDIA.    Collecting coins is a cheap way to bring home a souvenir from other countries.  I have bought some while in Darjeeling, India but didn’t buy any of these.  Are there any of my friends who collect coins? It is interesting how the coins are displayed in an artistic manner.  I see the same thing in vegetable and fruit stalls.  There is nothing random in the way the product is displayed.  It’s like a work of art. I like it.  I know I have a stamp collecting friend in Sioux Lookout, Ontario!!