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A Welcome Scene

For Beauty and for Rest

Bro Sporting His New Hat


You can ignore the price tag! Oops, I guess I should have used my “great” skills with photoshop!

Good Morning


Holmes  County, Ohio Sunrise

Mom and I





I GOT UP EARLY TRYING TO CATCH THE FULL MOON THAT I DIDN’T CATCH BECAUSE OF GOING TO BED TOO EARLY!  It was 10 pm which is actually late for me and not early! 🙂  I suspect I might do some post processing to enhance this photo later.  But until then!

Full Moon, such as it is! It’s there somewhere behind the clouds. Yes, I got up at 4 am for this.

Day 203

SOLAR ECLIPSE over Dhaka, Bangladesh

I decided not to take the 10 hour bus ride yesterday to be in Northern Bangladesh to see the total eclipse, so here is one of my photos of the partial eclipse from the rooftop of our apartment building.

Solar Eclipse dancing in and out of the clouds.