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Grape Arbor Nostalgia

Seeing this grape arbor, brought back memories of childhood, picking blue concord grapes, right off of the vine, and popping them into my mouth. I guess it’s one way of getting immunity for the young and innocent!

Toad Stool or Spider Web

Shallow depth of Field

It’s good he has a cookie in his hand, instead of a screwdriver!


Sunflowers hit by the sun on Sunday! True, but this photos was not taken on Sunday, but posted on Sunday, and the sun is still shining on them!

Old Plates

Ready for guests. These plates, my wife got from her mother!

Storm Brewing

Happy Independence Day

There will be celebrations this weekend, though toned down because of Covid19 concerns. Who knows, maybe some people will be eating strawberry pie! Enjoy the holiday, in whatever way you choose to celebrate.

As I was waiting for my taxi customers, a nice Amish lady wondered if I wanted some strawberries. We always love strawberries, so I said sure. How sweet of her to share with us. She had been out picking them in the rain, and still had more to pick. My wife then made strawberry jam, which goes well with her homemade bread, fresh out of the oven.

Amish Country Home

A lovely home for the grandparents. Either the son or son-in-law is returning from mowing hay with the team of horses!

Barn Swallow Nests

While Driving an Amish Farrier to the different farms to shoe horses, it was interesting that this barn had at least 30 barn swallow nests. As you can see, they fastened some corn cobs, for a convenient base, making it possible for many more nests.

Skipping Stones

See Ya Later