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Sundown Lighting

Side Note: As a taxi driver this is how I like the snow. Everywhere but on the driveways and roads! 🙂

Beautiful Country Home

My Cousin’s Son’s Property

Dusty Lane

Serene country farm in Ohio. This sect of Amish think gravel, would be a luxury, not to be indulged in. Or for sure, concrete or blacktop for their driveway. Of course not much could hinder the passage of a carriage (buggy)



Our Home in Ohio for Awhile

My Grandfather lived just over the hill from here years ago, and we used to come here and visit, when our sons were small. It is in the country.

IMG_5813 - Copy

This photo was taken from a boat on the Brahmaputra in Mymensingh.

Heading Home!

FRIENDS COMING DOWN THE PATH TO MRINMOI POTTERY where Onil does great pottery work.

Nic Leads the Group Down the Path to the Village!