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This young Burmese child was enjoying the rain in Yangoon, Myanmar!

It looks like fun on a hot summer day!

While in Yangoon, Myanmar we stopped in at this coffee shop several times.  The girls loved the chocolate cake!

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A collection of smiles for the photographer.

A collection of photos from Yangoon, Myanmar and Dhaka, Bangladesh!

I thought this would give some perspective to this photo!

My friend Craig in front of a Baptist church in Yangoon, Myanmar!

Something caught his eye, besides the photographer.

Daily News!

A variety of photos of our friends who visited.


Some portraits I captured!

Here are a few of the portraits I have from our trip to Myanmar!  Many more to come.

I raised my camera to photograph this gentleman in Myanmar!  He put up his hand to signify he didn’t want a photo taken, but by then two photos had been snapped! What could I do.  I really didn’t want to delete them, so I posted them! I love the smile!