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How is That Soup?


Tasty Soup Coming My Way


Omelets in the Making


Cashier at Work





September 4 is a day which I will always remember.  It is my mother’s birthday, and she is now 91 years old!  It is also the day we buried my father, 9 years ago!

It was nice Alex could join his family for this trip!

THE HOTEL WE WANTED TO STAY AT DIDN’T HAVE THEIR BASIC ROOMS AVAILABLE SO WE STAYED AT HOTEL PALACE INN.  It is a nice hotel for the price of 990 Indian rupees ($20 USD).  They had room service with some tasty Bengali food.  The Hotel facility may have been 2 Star but their service was 5 Star!

MOON DAS, a very helpful worker who took care of room service!

Day 167

HOTEL GREEN IN TOWN HALL MARKET was where my friend and I had a great breakfast of curried beef, bhaji, and nan ruti.  Little restaurants are called hotels.  Actually this is one of the few that actually has rooms.  This photo shows the hotel from across the street.  I went back this afternoon to get this photo so you don’t see the action out front making the porotas and nan ruti.

More wrap-up things today, four more morning walks, farewells and Sunday evening at 10 heading for the airport.