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September 4 is a day which I will always remember.  It is my mother’s birthday, and she is now 91 years old!  It is also the day we buried my father, 9 years ago!


Alu Bhorta (Spicy Mashed Potatoes) for recipe:




My Bengali New Year’s Day Breakfast: Fried chicken, Cucumber salad, and Luchi.  I couldn’t find any Ilish mach and panthapat



Other people enjoying the same breakfast I had!


marlandphotos-blog-food-fish-BengaliNewYearOur neighbor girl saw my facebook post, stating that I hadn’t found any  dried Ilish mach for breakfast, so she had her mother fix some and we were invited over in the evening. A real treat. They also served the alu bhorta, dal bhorta, and Panta Bhat (Leftover Rice soaked in Water).