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A Snowy Owl Strays South

Sighted in Holmes County, OH!!  The photo was taken at ISO 640; 1/500 and f 13.  I used my Canon EOS 7D, with a EF 70-300, 1.4-5.6 Canon Zoom lens .


IMG_8854 - Copy

YES, I FELL AND CRACKED THE GLASS BAD ON THE UV FILTER OF MY CANON  EF 24-105 1:4 L ZOOM LENS, which was mounted on my Canon 7D camera!  I wasn’t able to tell the difference on this photo, but obviously the filter needed replacement!  Definitely minimal damage for the other options.  Removing filter and replacing it cost me 2,00o tk ($25) at Orient Cameras & Photos in Plaza A.R. on Mirpur Rd.

Brick Wall!

Brick Wall!

My friend heard about my predicament with a stolen Canon XTI camera.  He had me speechless when he presented me with a Canon7D camera with a 24-105 1:4L lens! I haven’t recovered yet, but I will.  This would be the first photo I took with the camera.

Craig Mullet, my generous friend! Jet-lagged?