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Red is Popular

Red is Popular

Day 112

FRIENDS ENJOYING NEW YEAR’S DAY by sitting by the canal.

Day 108


Day 107

ON PAHELA BAISHAKH NOT EVERYONE was dressed in red and other bright colors.

This woman and her son were scavenging for recyclable items to sell.  When he saw me talking a photo he quick told her, so she turned around and faced me. 

This man probably was dressed in his finest, since that is probably he owned.  I suppose it kept him warm at night and kept the sun from beating on his body during the day.  He probably thought the New Year’s Day celebrators might share with him!

Day 152

SINGER ON NEW YEAR’S DAY as a prelude to the puppet show at Dhaka University.

Day 116

PUPPET SHOW:  LADY PRESENTING THE gentleman with a heart-shaped wreath of flowers.  It was a well done puppet show, adding to the Pahela Baishakh holiday experiences.

Day 115

JETA MAJUMDER AND his friend, whom I met at Dhaka University on Pahela Baishakh.

Day 113

PAHELA BAISHAKH (Bengali New Year) brings out the colorful saris.

Day 112

YOUNG LADY DRESSED IN RED celebrating Pahela Baishakh, at Dhaka University.

Day 111

I AM ENJOYING PAHELA BAISHAKH at Dhaka University with the TTL  (Through the Lens) Bangladesh photo club members.  We all wore these bandanas.

Day 109

EVEN SMALL MANUAL DRIVEN ferris wheels have fares. In Bangla it is a nagordola.   10 taka (15 Cents) will get you a short “wild” ride!