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What are the pros and cons of procrastination? Pros: You can gather more facts to make the decision, or the decision may not need to be made! Cons: Others involved will be disappointed.

Here is something I can do while procrastinating!


Thinking of my mother today, since it is the anniversary of the day, a year ago, that we laid her to rest! She taught us the love of puzzling, which is a pleasant memory I had putting puzzles together with my sister, Lillian in August of this year, while vacationing in California!

Wild Flowers Puzzle

Just finished this 1500 piece puzzle, which I started on U.S.A. Thanksgiving Day.

My Current Distraction

I remember when as a lad, a 1,000 piece puzzle seemed daunting! This one has 1500 pieces, and they are fully interlocking!!? It looks like I will have a challenge prioritizing my time!

Jigsaw Puzzles

The first puzzle in the shape of the Wolves.IMG_4167

The second puzzle with a lot of blue!


Sorting pieces by color for the third puzzle (A Thomas Kinkade)  in our room, since the dining room table was still occupied!




I hated to leave with the hardest part left to do!