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After an unsuccessful search for a samosa, I settled for a tasty Phillys Jalapeno Cheese Steak sandwich, while spending time at the Union Station in D.C.

Deli Sandwich and Chips


A delightful sandwich at Deli-Ohio in Canton, Ohio!

I forgot to get a photo of my sandwich, so my daughter-in-law patiently waited while I photographed her sandwich! 🙂

A nice coincidence for someone who loves photography!  I also have 4 friends who have birthdays on this day, as well as Pres Bill Clinton and Orville Wright! Pres Bill Clinton is 1 year older than I am, and the Orville Wright passed away in January the year I was born! Interesting since, I have around 440 hours with my private pilot’s license! Not sure what Pres Bill Clinton and I have in common besides our birth dates!

My darling wife, Alice took me to Jitter’s Coffee Shop in Millersburg, Ohio. I had a great 20’s Reuben sandwich! Delicious!

Ingredients: Rye Bread, Corned Beef, Sauerkraut, Mayonnaise, and Swiss Cheese!

20's Reuben Sandwich

20’s Reuben Sandwich

First Bite!

First Bite!

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