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Light My Fire

“There are no bad pictures; that’s just how your face looks sometimes.”
– Abraham Lincoln


Amish Barn-Raising

They didn’t want people getting up close during this barn-raising, and since I don’t have a telephoto lens for my Sony alpha6000, this is the shot I got this morning. this event might only happen in this community, once in three years. Two weeks and one day ago, the original barn was on fire. This is how it looked at 9 am this morning. I suspect it was finished by the day’s end. The Amish church community got together, and by today the farmer had another barn! For years this was done without the help of the machinery, to lift the rafters etc.

Best Conversations

“Some of the best conversations I’ve had are sitting around a fire” Robyn Davidson



When baked, remove it from the wooden dowel, and fill it with cream cheese, and raspberry pie filling! Tasty treat, for sure!!!


Photo from the Fourth of July in 2016! Smoke bomb does it’s thing.


Tea Time



Record Low Temps in Bangladesh


My grandson, Riley is enjoying the cool evening, roasting a marshmellow!

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