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Literacy is a blessing!  Thanks to all those that teach others to read!!

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I guess my wife is featured now the 2nd time this year! She is special, so why not.


It is nice to share my birthday with “World Photography Day!  I’ll post this today since in Bangladesh it is already on the 19th, and I haven’t told WordPress that I am in the U.S.!!

Here I am enjoying a pretzel at the train station in Bern, Switzerland!

Also proud to be wearing the TTL polo shirt from our 5th “Bangladesh in Frames” photo exhibition!   https://marlandphotos.com/2013/04/26/exciting-response-at-seeing-my-photo-at-the-exhibition/

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As I am posting I am hearing Romney’s concession speech.  Obama is President for another four years.

A view from the walkover at the Mymensingh Train Station!

2012 Day 69


I wonder what she is thinking?

Day 79

MYMENSINGH TRAIN STATION sign in Mymensingh, Bangladesh.  I had to put some Bangla script on my site today, since today I’m doing a Bangla dictation assessment.  Passing grade is 70%.  They will read approximately 100 words to me in Bangla and I need to write the words of the story down.  Points are taken off for spelling errors and for listening errors!  I’ll do my best and hopefully that will be good enough.

Day 62

BENGALI LADY WASHING HER FACE as she leans over the train tracks at the Mymensingh, Bangladesh train station.