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On the Run

Bridal Party

The Bridal Party is waiting for the right moment to cross the road for the wedding. Meanwhile a Grandpa comes to chat with them. I had dropped off some taxi customers at the wedding site, and stopped on the road to capture this unique shot.

Schools Open in Ohio

Barefoot Girls on Country Road: It looks like a nice bouquet for the teacher
Oops! I wondered why my camera wouldn’t focus on the school boys. The camera decided to focus on the carved bird from Africa that my brother gifted me! Sometimes, like the camera, we get distracted from the main thing.

When schools are on main highways, children use these ladders to walk from field to field to get safely to their schools.

Wedding Prep

A guest applying sunscreen before walking up the road to the wedding!


Boat Dock

Misty Morning

Day’s End

Birthday Leisure

After a early morning taxi run, I stopped at my friend’s pond, and spent at least 20 minutes taking photos. Birthdays are supposed to be leisurely, aren’t they. For sure, the 72nd birthday! Hoping for a great year ahead!


Parents of the Groom

Bride & Father-in-Law

This photo is high on the list of favorite photos of the wedding photography, I did yesterday, for a friend!