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Fishing Pier

Fishing pier at the William Hearst Memorial Beach. Father and son testing the waters.

Summit County, Nevada has this nice rest area in Echo Canyon! We enjoyed stopping whenever we felt like to take a break. The beautiful scenery was a bonus.

Wind Surfing

Memorable Day

Thinking about Mom today, since it is the first year that we don’t have Mom here to celebrate her birthday! It would have been her 99th birthday! It is also a memorable day, since it is the day, 17 years ago that we buried my father! So many memories! Facebook even reminded me that today was Mom’s 99th birthday. Of course, I didn’t need the reminder. This photo was taken at her younger sister’s funeral.

Fulmore Reflections

Lake Fulmor on the road up to Idyllwild, California

Fresh Grapefruit

My wife enjoyed picking ripe grapefruit from a tree in my sister’s backyard, in California!

Palms at Attention

A beautiful street in Redlands, California!

Natural Bird Feeder

Returning home from a 3 week road trip, I filled our bird feeders. If this goldfinch was attracted to the finch feeder, it was soon distracted by the natural sides close by!

City Lights

Early morning Nashville cityscape!

Rose Among Thorns

Ok, it isn’t a rose, but I thought it worked! A little beauty in the desert in New Mexico.

Trains and Semi-tractor trailers moving cargo in the West. I love to take photos of trains, and skies with clouds. I didn’t mind that the Semi photo-bombed my photo of the train! 🙂 Have a great day!


Since an early age, I have been delighted when seeing cattails!