Contrasts on the Trail

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The Holmes County Trail saw lots of use during yesterday’s warm day, on this Easter Weekend. ¬†HAPPY EASTER!

Is Anybody Home?

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Many people will be home this weekend celebrating Easter with family!

Shy Eastern Bluebird

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Seen on the Holmes County, Rails to Trails-Trail, near Millersburg!

Farming the Old-Fashioned Way

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Amish harrowing the ground with a team of horses. Spring has really come to Ohio!

American Robin

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Jean Tubridy of was curious as to how the American Robin differed from the European Robin seen in Ireland!

Downy but not Up-side Down

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Seen in a Canastota, New York front yard near a feeder.

Tree Swallow

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I located another photo from Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge, which was good enough quality to post! Enjoy.