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Amish Country School House

Outhouses (toilets) for Girls and Boys!

Backstop for the softball playing field!

I remember these items well from my grade school days. In those days most of the people in the countryside had one-room school houses within two miles from their homes (at the farthest).

Ram Strikes a Pose

This ram cooperated with me for this shot, that is if I wanted his eyes facing me! πŸ™‚

Laying Idle

Either the children were were called to lunch, or else they found some other item to play with!

With taxi work sometimes you haul little boys’ toys! You wouldn’t want him to be at his cousins’ place all day without his bicycle, would you?

Did anyone notice an item in the top photo which was featured in a previous blog post?

Vintage Hay Fork

How many of you remember using the hay fork in the center of the photo? On the farm in Iowa, where I grew up, we used that kind of fork to lift up eight small hay bales into the hay mow at one time!

Orange Butterfly

Heading Out to the Pasture

Middle Grandson

Youngest Grandson, and the oldest grandson is the Ass’t Coach!

Horse riders, and covered wagon procession near Benton, Ohio.

Well Worn Path

β€œDon’t choose to walk the well-worn path to regret. Be amongst the few who dare to follow their dreams!” Steve Maraboli