Day 85


A special day for a special country and special people!  My friends took this photo when we returned from watching a cricket match between South Africa and Bangladesh.  

At home in Bangladesh!!

Day 84

BEGGING One of the older lady beggars I frequently give taka to. I wonder if the economy has hit her?

Please help me!

Day 83


I caught these girls giggling as they were waiting for traffic to stop so they could cross Road #27.  They noticed me taking a photo and then posed for a close-up.  

Joyful Girls

Day 82

HAIRCUT I went up the street to Towne Hall Bazaar to get my haircut. It reminded me of this photo that Craig Mullet took in November.  At this little shop without doors the haircut costs me 30 tk (45 cents U.S.)!

Barber in action!

Day 81

TEA in the making

Sugar on the right, and Sweetened Condensed Milk being measured for my cup of tea.  The Bengalis know how to make a super cup of tea!!!

Cha (tea) Walla in action!

Day 80

RILEY, my Grandson

I couldn’t resist this year old photo.  It was taken on the river in Mymensingh.  Our grandsons came to our apartment yesterday for their weekly supper and evening to give their parents a night out on the town!  They are so full of energy.