Day 240

RAINY DRIZZLE drives these little boys into the shelter of an idle rickshaw on Assad Ave.  This was the posed shot.  I didn’t have my camera out of my bag while walking.  I spied this shot,  my camera, changed lenses, and by that time the little boys, several Towne Hall Coolies, and bystanders had surrounded me. So in this shot they don’t have that curled up position which made me want to capture the photo.  Moral of the story: Always have your camera ready.  I heard Rule # 1 for capturing good photos, is to always have your camera with you!  Obviously, I obeyed that rule, but broke another rule!


Day 239

GARMENT WORKERS leaving factory in Mirpur, Dhaka, Bangladesh.  In Dhaka there are at least 40,000 factories, hiring 2 million workers of which 80-90% are women.   A 13 yr. old worker locks herself in the bathroom or goes on the rooftop when the Child Labor inspectors come because she doesn’t want to lose her job.  She is the main supporter of her family at $32 per month.  They now only like to hire the tall young girls because they look earlier.  So, the short young girls can’t find jobs to help support their families.

The Days Work is Done!

Day 238

THANKS!  Celebrating my 61st birthday last week and getting words of encouragement from many friends prompted me to send letters of thanks to some of my High School teachers.  Here I would also like to show my appreciation for their impact on my life as well as the many other people who have challenged me, and encouraged me, not given up on me and believed in me.  You are my heroes and heroines.

A Big Thanks!

Day 236

BROTHERS IN THE Red and the White watching a football tournament final match were asked to pose by the one gentleman’s son.


Day 235

RAMADAN starts in Bangladesh today. It didn’t start yesterday because no one on the moon committee spied the New Moon on Friday evening.  I used to read about the many Muslims observing this month of fasting (dawn to dusk) and now I am here and have neighbors and friends who are doing so.

Prayer time!