Day 139


The other morning while walking to Banani  I passed this lady.  I stopped to take some photos, she passed me, and then I passed her again.  After that she never quite caught up with me before I moved on after taking a photo of  some street scenes.  She must have wondered about this funny American that is so taken up with the Dhaka scenery.  I think I took 87 photos on that 1.5 hour walk.

One of 7 million ladies in the city of Dhaka.

Day 138


There are some motorcycles here in the city, though not as many as in Thailand. 

These are parked in this area, while their owners are jogging, walking, or exercising in a nicely kept area just North of the Parliament building.  I remember from my childhood days that my Mother owned a Singer sewing machine, and likely still does.  Coming to Bangladesh I realized that Singer also makes motorcyles, and maybe even refrigerators.

Motorcycle Parking lot?

Day 137

MUSLIM Painter

This fellow told me to wait to take his photo.  He stopped painting and reached into his pocket and took out his tupi, saying that he is a Muslim.  I then took his photo with the tupi on.

Sign Painter

Day 136

I enjoy taking photos with my Canon Rebel XTI camera. I took this photo with my EF 50 mm 1: 1.8, which is my favorite lens. The shot was taken at 1/400 sec and f 5.0 at ISO 100.
Dhaka Scene