Day 236

BROTHERS IN THE Red and the White watching a football tournament final match were asked to pose by the one gentleman’s son.


Day 235

RAMADAN starts in Bangladesh today. It didn’t start yesterday because no one on the moon committee spied the New Moon on Friday evening.  I used to read about the many Muslims observing this month of fasting (dawn to dusk) and now I am here and have neighbors and friends who are doing so.

Prayer time!

Day 232

YOUNG COUPLE enjoying themselves while waiting in traffic on a busy Dhaka street near the Dhanmondi Pizza Hut.  I walked to Pizza Hut to celebrate my birthday with friends.  If figured if I walked I would have more opportunities to get some good photos.  I  was pleasantly surprised to get a call from a friend in Kansas wishing me a “Happy Birthday” while on my rickshaw ride home.


Day 230

BREAKFAST AT A LOCAL hotel (restaurant)

This is my Boyd and Wurthmann (for the Ohio folks).  At least 2 days a week I come and get a take-out order of 5 servings of dal (spicy beans) 5 servings of bhaji (spicy vegetables and potatoes) and 10 pieces of nan ruti (flat bread).  Sometimes for my breakfast I just stop in and order some to eat there.  It’s kind of like my Ohio “Boyd and Wurthmann!”

Finger-lickin good!Who needs a spoon when you can grab the food with a piece of ruti!