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Day 231

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to myself!  This photo of me was taken in 1978!

31 years ago!

Day 230

BREAKFAST AT A LOCAL hotel (restaurant)

This is my Boyd and Wurthmann (for the Ohio folks).  At least 2 days a week I come and get a take-out order of 5 servings of dal (spicy beans) 5 servings of bhaji (spicy vegetables and potatoes) and 10 pieces of nan ruti (flat bread).  Sometimes for my breakfast I just stop in and order some to eat there.  It’s kind of like my Ohio “Boyd and Wurthmann!”

Finger-lickin good!Who needs a spoon when you can grab the food with a piece of ruti!

Day 229

PARTICIPATION TROPHY being received after the final match at the Towne Hall Field Tournament.  It was a big event with a band and lots of firecrackers.  I was introduced at the opening ceremonies and was with the long line of dignitaries of the Towne Hall Market Committee, etc. to shake the hands of the players of the two teams in the final match.  It was a fun evening.


Day 228

HALIM’S NIECE who adopted me as her Uncle!

Happy 18-yr-old


We were invited to Halim’s place for a meal on Friday afternoon.  It was nice to meet all of his extended family.  He is one of 8 brothers and 2 sisters.


Big Smile!

Dressed to Travel



Day 225

TRIBUTE TO SHANNON WENGER a friend who passed away on Tuesday after a battle with cancer,  surgery, chemo, etc. with hope of recovery and a turn for the worse on Saturday.

SHANNON was a fun-loving person.  It was a pleasure to have made her acquaintance many years ago in Canada when she was a teenager.  Our families had many good times together.  She had a zest for life that was contagious.  She will greatly be missed by friends and family.  My sympathy goes out to the family.


Shannon will be missed!

Day 224

HALIM’S FATHER reminds me of my Grandfathers with the white beard.  Maybe I enjoy foreign travel because of my Grandfathers’ influence.  My paternal Grandfather traveled to Europe on the “Queen Elizabeth” to visit the land where his ancestors came from.  My maternal Grandfather traveled to Germany on a cattleboat, which was delivering a heifer he had donated to the post-war rebuilding efforts.

Tea Stall operator

Day 223

MOHAMMADPUR FRIEND’S CLUB GOALIE explaining something at half-time.

This is how it is!

LAUNDRY ON ROOFTOP of a Party Place at the end of our street (where they host wedding receptions, parties, etc.).


Day 221

MOHAMMADPUR FRIENDS CLUB, the team I sponsored for a tournament.  They lost last night in the semi-finals.

Nice uniforms!

That ball is going to fly!

Day 220

Delivering Kerosene

RAIN OR SHINE the kerosene still needs to be delivered.