CHRISTMAS EVE!!!! We hope all our friends around the world have a great Christmas Eve, and of course a special Christmas Day.  I think Alice is missing not having the family together for Christmas. I had a whole grilled snapper for supper and Alice had Nasi Goreng (Indonesian Fried Rice with veg and chicken and fried egg and sate!  It was take-out from Cafe Nyoman near the Hotel Lumbung Damuh. I confess my two Diet Pepsi’s cost as much as Alice’s meal!  The snapper was 75,000 Ind. Rupiah ($8.30!)  It was late afternoon before we realized it was Christmas Eve, so we decided to celebrate!  There is a Resort restaurant next door that had a special meal this evening for $60 per plate.  We ate our take-out enjoying their Christmas music: Jingle Bells, etc. some hymns  as well as some old John Denver era songs!    Not sure when the music will end, but it is soothing and nostalgic. With the music and the sound of the waves crashing on the beach it is a nice way to spend Christmas with your best friend!  And no snow to shovel!!! I had to add that for my Ohio friends.  I also heard that Europe will be having a very white Christmas!

I can’t stop with one photo, so I’ll add a sunset photo over the bay.