HI EVERYONE! I GUESS GOD THOUGHT I NEEDED A BREAK! LOL No pun intended! I actually broke my ankle  in two places while playing football. But I did keep the fellow from scoring. 🙂 I came home and had some pain walking but kind of tried to ignore it. I talked to Austin in Ohio, because I saw on facebook that Pruitt had broken the forearm bones just behind his wrist. I went to the market with a rickshaw but never got off. Later I went to a grocery store and did some walking and up some steps. Back up the street 50 yards to get a rickshaw. I then in the afternoon went with Alice to our friends apartment to help Charles Fox put four windows back in place, as well as put 4 glass sliding doors back in place. I had to go up 4 flights of stairs to get to the apartment, while carrying a cordless drill in it’s case with another battery pac!  Charles on the way home said he thinks he will take me to the ER to get my foot checked out. Here I find out my ankle was broken. Within 1.5 hours I was out of the hospital with my leg in a cast, crutches, and on the way home in a CNG. So six weeks with crutches and no football!:-( Here I am on the couch with my feet elevated. Charles and family brought me my meds, candy, balloons, flowers and some good cheer!