SHUBO NABO BORSHO TO ALL My Bengali friends.  It is a very special holiday in Bangladesh with festivities all around the city.  I went to Chandrima Uddan literally means “Moonlight Park” in Bengali to see the celebrations.  The park is notable for being the place where the former Bangladeshi President, Ziaur Rahman was buried. It is connected to the road with a bridge which runs over the Crescent Lake. The park is a common place to spend leisure time in the vicinity.  This area is quite crowed on Friday evening and Saturday evening and for sure, on holidays. This is the same park where Alice and I walk early every morning before the sun comes up.  It was a fun place to be on this holiday!  I did have some futchkas but never found any Hilsha fish to eat.  I also had my sandals cleaned while I was busy snapping photos.

There are always face painters there.  I had my face painted.  There was a fellow there who was teaching his son and daughter how to paint.  The daughter painted my face.

The Bangla on my face is “Happy New Year 1418


The Father who is teaching his children painting is on the left. The girl in front with me did the painting on my face. The brother is behind us.  They all had their tray of paints and brush and were eager to paint faces.


The Brother wanted a photo of himself.


This young Bengali lad really wanted his photo taken.  I guess I could have had my face painted like this!