September 18, 1966, 48 years ago I met my good friend and wife!! I wasn’t sure where to go with this blog, so I thought re-blogging this one should work. If you want to hear a song, whose lyrics are very similar to our story, Google: “I heard a Bluebird Sing” and listen to it on U-tube! A very special day in my life! a 48 year friendship!

The Camerist's Collection

This is my 1800th post, so I decided to give a tribute to my wonderful wife, who has been a faithful supporter of my photography hobby.  In fact since I had pulled out my life savings ($55 USD), when we got married in 1969, I couldn’t afford the camera I wanted so she paid for it!! It was a Mamiya/Sekor SLR! She had been working for a year and had some income, so I married “into money!” 🙂   It hasn’t been the last time she has bought me equipment. Thanks, Darling for hanging in there with me!!


No, I didn’t buy these beautiful roses! They were on the table at the Restaurant in Siliguri where we had a snack before catching the bus for our journey back to Bangladesh.

marlandphotos-blog-photography-Sweetheart-SupporterThanks heaps to my wonderful wife of almost 45 years!

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