Day 93

POTTER AT WORK WITH A FOOT-POWERED WHEEL at Mrinmoi Pottery Village near Manikgang.

Day 92

I ALMOST FEEL AS FREE AS A BIRD!  Yesterday the doctor took off my cast and confirmed that my ankle wasn’t broken.  I have some slight pain with a lot of weight on that foot, but I’ve discarded the crutches.

Day 90

INDOOR CRICKET IN OUR APARTMENT with friends.  Dustin, Charles, Ellis, Lewis, and Neil.  Sorry, Neil I didn’t get a photo of you to post.  I was the scorekeeper and photographer, since my foot was in a cast.

Day 89

MY SON, DUSTIN AND I CHILLIN’ ON THE COUCH in our Living Room in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Day 88

VENDOR AT THE TOWN HALL MARKET, in Mohammadpur, Dhaka.  Here is where I buy my potatoes, onions, garlic, and cloves.

Day 87

TTL’s “BANGLADESH IN FRAMES 3” PHOTO EXHIBITION is finished.  It ran from March 25-29. The photo below was taken outside the gallery.  I am also in the group photo on the right hand side.  Look for a pale face and white hair.  It may be hard to do with the spot light that was aimed at the poster plus camera flash.  Day 76 has a better rendition of the group photo.