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Speeding through the city at 6 am, going through red lights, like they were tissue paper. On a rare occasion the the CNG driver eased into the intersection treating it as a flashing yellow light!  I probably reached my destination in 20 minutes! At 10:00 it was a different story. Leaving Old Dhaka on a bus, we inched along, taking close to an hour to get within rickshaw distance of our apartment. The CNG ride cost me 350 taka ($4.40 U.S.D.) since I didn’t have the correct amount, and he didn’t have the right change! The bus ride cost me 25 taka (.30 USD), and then a 5 minute rickshaw ride for 20 taka (.25 USD). All in all it was a great morning with a nice photowalk with TTLers at the Saderghat Launch Terminal, followed by a nice breakfast of dal, porota, and cha!!


Little Boy Sees Me Through the CNG bars!

ALICE, JOYCE AND LEE IN A CNG (Compressed Natural Gas)!

Crowded in but still smiling!

Crowded in but still smiling!




Day 257

THE PINK COLOR MAKES THIS CNG STAND OUT from all the green CNGs in Dhaka, Bangladesh. This one was seen parked near the Geneva Bihari camp.