EVENING MEAL AT THE FCC (Foreign Correspondents Club) restaurant in Phnom Penh.  The Phnom Visitors Guide said, “This is the famous FCC – still as much a journalist’s meeting place as a popular tourist/expat bar and restaurant.  Located on the second floor of a beautiful old colonial-era building, the FCC’s open balcony provides a spectacular, sweeping view of the riverfront.  …….. No visit to Phnom Penh is complete without at least one visit to the FCC.”   So of course last evening I decided to check it out!   🙂   I decided on the  grilled Norwegian Salmon Fillet.  It was as delicious as the Salmon I ate in Chicago, San Diego, and the one my brother-in-law caught and brought to Florida to be grilled!    I finished off the evening by sitting down with a mango milkshake, while I wrote some postcards to send to friends.