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Dhaka Rickshaw Fiesta Week 2014 started of with two races.  It was a fun event.  No I didn’t pull a rickshaw!  The relay had 21 rickshaws and 84 rickshaw pullers.


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Alice Poses with Relay teams in front of the Parliament Building


Tired Painter on Manik Mia in the Capital City of Dhaka, Bangladesh


I wish a Happy Bengali New Year to All My Friends in Bangladesh!

I confess I was busy getting my income tax report ready to file to meet tomorrow’s deadline. I guess I do have an automatic 2 month extension, but I’d rather not take it.  Anyway, we heard marchers outside on the street, so I headed out and grabbed a rickshaw to catch them on Sir Sayeed Rd.  Then I decided since I was out to go to Manik Mia, so I asked the rickshaw wallah to take me there (http://www.thedailystar.net/beta2/news/nation-mingles-with-baishakh-colours/) .  The lanes on both sides of the median were painted the whole way from Mirpur Rd. to the circle where Manik Mia splits.  It was nice to take a break and see the festive air of the city.  The photo of me was taken by the rickshaw wallah!

I hope this is a great year for Bangladesh in spite of the many hartals, demonstrations, etc. recently.


Photo taken by Rickshaw Wallah!

Photo taken by Rickshaw Wallah!

On Sir Sayeed Rd

On Sir Sayeed Rd

Elephant on Rickshaw Van

Elephant on Rickshaw Van

A night's work!

A night’s work!