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Our friend, Ingrid


INGRID MILLER AND I STANDING with the photo of mine that accepted to be a part of the TTL “Bangladesh in Frames III” exhibit at Drik Gallery, in Dhanmondi, Dhaka, Bangladesh from March 25-29.  Ingrid is a friend and physio therapist who met me at the gallery to show me how to properly get up on a rickshaw and down. She was expecting me to arrive on a CNG, so was surprised to see me on a rickshaw before she taught me how. I did confess that I had already gotten up on a rickshaw, went to the vegetable market to buy veggies, and came home and got off the rickshaw.  We tried several methods but she admitted that the way I was doing was probably the best way.  I suspect in physiotherapy schools they don’t teach techniques on how to get up on a rickshaw unless the school would be CRP in Savar, Bangladesh!!  Actually it was my wife’s good idea on how to get into a microbus (van), which she gave me yesterday on our trip to the India border.  Ingrid also helped assist and give me ideas as I negotiated the steps to the different galleries at Drik.  Notice the shirt which I received as a gift because one of my photos was accepted!