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Boats Sitting Idle!

Boats Sitting Idle!

Waiting for the fisherman to take them out!

Nice Golden Hue!

The last shades of day!

The last shades of day!

This hippopotamus is at the Bangabandhu Safari Park in Chakaria, Cox’s Bazaar near Malumghat.

Nice Tooth!

Trying to Make a Living!

Putting his net in the river.

Baa, Baa, Black Sheep, Have You any Wool?

I Love This Blade of Grass!

Young boys always love to play around or in the water!

Having Fun Moving the Boat around!




Another Photo From the Bluff Overlooking the Flood Plains in Malumghat!

Fisherman at Rest!

I couldn’t resist taking another sunset shot at this location.  I’m almost sure I took a shot here three weeks ago and likely a year ago as well. I love this flood plain for sunset photos.

Homeward Bound!


Using a board as a hammer, he is getting the job done!

Showing His Muscles!

Bengali man sitting here enjoying the Boli Kheli in a Malumghat village.

In the Shade!

THIS 3-WHEELED HUMAN HAULER IS BEING USED FOR ANOTHER PURPOSE IN THIS VILLAGE.  The village is located in Malumghat, Chakaria, Cox’s Bazaar, Bangladesh.