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Happy Birthday!

Happy Father’s Day

A special day for me!  My father passed away 10 years ago. But this Father’s Day I get to spend time with my Sons, Austin and Dustin.

Austin My Eldest Son, AustinDustin My Second Son, Dustin Jensen and I Football in the rain with my oldest grandson, Jensen!

And a very special guest, to say the least!  Sorry, Anna, and Marie, that you couldn’t be here as well.

I guess someone needs to keep the home fires burning!

I may be in big trouble posting photos of my son, two days running! 🙂

First Guest

Father and Son

Happy Birthday, to our son, Austin

A little belated but still in my thoughts!

Well, he should be in the air by now on the way to NYC to teach some linquistics.  He is 38 years old, so it isn’t the first time he has left home!  In fact one of the times he left home, we followed him and now live with him in Bangladesh!  This isn’t a photo of him this morning, but one of him walking up the street on another day.

See you in Ohio!

See you in Ohio!

This is a photo of my wife and son who had to leave the crowded or occupied sidewalk for the street.  I confess that when we go somewhere they will choose to walk, while I take a rickshaw!

Being Observed by Rickshaw Wallah!

Being Observed by Rickshaw Wallah!

Father and Son on the Lane